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Training Guides for USAC's EPC Portal

EPC Forms and Related Processes


Form 470
UPDATED[PDF]FY2019 Form 470 How to Guide


Administrative Window for EPC Profile Updates
UPDATED [PDF]Update Your EPC Profile for FY2019

The Administrative Window is a designated timeframe to update your EPC profile, especially your member schools and the data that will be used on the Form 471 to calculate E-Rate discounts.

Following this period, profile data is locked and cannot be changed until after the Form 471 filing window has closed.



Form 471
Filing for a contracted service?

Do this first: [PDF]Contracts Module
File the Form 471:

UPDATED [PDF]FY2019 Form 471 Category 1 Guide

UPDATED [PDF]FY2019 Form 471 Category 2 Guide

The Form 471 uses information from various parts of the portal. While it is possible to start a new form, leave it to complete the Contracts Module, and then return back to the in-process form, it is much easier to submit your contract info first.



Form 471 After Actions
[PDF]Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL) Guide
[PDF]PIA Review Guide
[PDF]Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) Guide
OPTIONAL Post-Filing and Post-Commitment Actions
[PDF]SPIN Changes
only applicable if you need to change the SPIN listed on a RAL or FCDL
[PDF]Service Substitutions
only applicable if you need to change the product/service listed on a RAL or FCDL
[PDF]Form 500
only applicable if you need to change the service start date or the contract expiration date, cancel or reduce an FRN, request a service delivery extension, or notify USAC of an equipment transfer
[PDF]Appealing a USAC Decision
only applicable if you wish to appeal a decision made by USAC, such as an FCDL commitment amount or denial of a funding request
[PDF]Revised Funding Commitment Decision Letter (RFCDL)
only applicable if you filed a request for a SPIN change or service substitution, a Form 500, or an appeal


Form 486
UPDATED [PDF]FY2019 Form 486 How to Guide


Form 498
[PDF]Form 498 How to Guide

A new Form 498 is not required if you already filed one for a previous funding year and have an approved 498 ID.


But wait, there's more!


Form 472
[PDF]Form 472 BEAR How to Guide

The BEAR form is listed here as a reminder that it is the final form.

BEAR forms are not filed in EPC.